Ethical Production Practices

Posted on May 17 2019

Ethical Production Practices

Being mindful during our production process means working with talented women and girls in an empowering, safe, and fair environment.

Sayang's core is working with an ethical production house that empowers underprivileged women and girls through creativity and fashion.  It is an incredible opportunity for these women to learn new skills and to enhance their existing skillset.  This production house prides itself in providing a safe working environment with flexible hours and fair wages.  Workshops are provided for these women to learn crucial skills needed to succeed in this industry.

It is a small studio, which allows us to create an intimate relationship with these women and to bring each collection to life.  Over time, we have gotten to know some of the important players that has shaped Sayang into what it is today.  Each garment is handmade, which makes every piece unique, not perfect.  

In conjunction with the Fashion Revolution movement in 2018, we highlighted some of our heroes behind Sayang - Noraini, Nurul, and Norlina.


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