Mindful Fashion

At Sayang we strive to be mindful at every step of the process, from design, sourcing, production, up until the packaging you receive after your shopping experience with us.  Having mindful practices allow us to take a closer look into our existing industry and systems, and to discover new ways to be environmentally and socially conscience.   

With each season, our aim is to expand our world in a way that is most natural and authentic to who we are.  The idea for Sayang was borne from a desire to create pretty, elegant pieces, but it has since become much more than that.

Our Makers

All pieces are proudly designed, developed, and made in Malaysia.  

We have developed an intimate relationship with a group of local tailors, entrusting in their capabilities to bring each piece to life.  

We dedicate ourselves in the search for talents and expertise within the domestic garment industry.  With a collaborative effort, our tailors place a strong commitment towards a higher standard of transparency and ethical practices.  By supporting community businesses and skilled trades, we strive to reinvent and rebuild perspectives on locally-made products and to highlight local skill sets and creative capacities.  

Our Materials

We place a strong preference in natural fibres and we aim to do our best in opting for the better choice out of the presented options.  All recyclable labels and hang tags are made from post-consumer waste and are carefully printed in eco-friendly soy ink.  

The road towards sustainability is a long process, but we are eager to discover all the possible ways in contributing positively towards the industry as a whole.


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